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Waterbirth & Hydrotherapy

There are many pros and cons to utilizing water while in labor and/or for your delivery. Many people seek out of hospital delivery specifically for a water birth experience. Here you can learn more details!

Water birth reduces stress on the baby during birth by being introduced into an environment similar to the amniotic sac!


*All facts above about the benefits of water birth are courtesy of The American Pregnancy Association.*

Info on our Tubs

There are a pair of handles on top,

in addition to four handles

within this ‘cocoon’ shaped tub for optimal support.

Our tubs are made from 0.60mm thick eco-vinyl material.


Dimensions of our Tubs

Inflated Floor: 7.5cm (3”)

External Length: 191cm (75”)

External Width: 164cm (65”)

External Height: 71cm (28”)

Internal Length: 145cm (57”)

Internal Width: 118cm (46”)

Internal Depth: 63cm (25”)

Rim Width: 23cm (10”)

Water Capacity: 165 Gallons

Weight When Empty: 17lbs

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