Resources for Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy Safe Medications

  • Indigestion/Heartburn - Mylanta, Pepcid, Tums, Tagament, Phazyme

  • Constipation Fiber Therapy - Fibercon, Metamucil, Citrucel, Miralax

  • Stool Softeners - Colace, Surfax

  • Laxatives - Senokot, Percolace, Milk of Magnesia

  • Diarrhea - Imodium AD, Kaopectate

  • Yeast Infection - Monistat 3, Monistat 7

  • Nausea - Emetrol, Dramamine, Vitamin B6 (10-30mg 2x/day), Ginger Capsules (3-4x/day), Ginger Snaps, Sea Bands, Cinnamon, **Eat small, frequent meals (every 2-3 hours)

  • Sore Throat - Tylenol, Cepacol Lozenges, Saline Gargles (1/4-1/2 tsp salt in 8oz water)

  • Cold/Allergies - Actifed, Conatac, Benadryl, Tylenol Cold/Tylenol Sinus/Tylenol, Robitussin, Drixoral, Dimetapp, Chlortimeton, Zyrtec, Dayquil/Myquil, Theraflu, Vicks, Mucinex, Claritin

  • Headaches - Tylenol (Regular/Extra Strength - 2 tabs every 4-6 hours)

  • Hemorrhoids - Preparation H, Anusol HC, High Fiber Diet

  • Insomnia - Benadryl, Tylenol PM, Unisom, Chamomile Tea

Pregnancy Brewer's Diet

  • Dr. Brewer's Pregnancy Diet

  • Best Brewer Diet Recipes, from Pinterest

Gestational Diabetes 

Gestational Diabetes and Pregnancy, from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

What is gestational diabetes?, from Baby Center

Gestational Diabetes, from American Diabetes Association

Group Beta Strep (GBS)


Foods High in Iron

Breech Exercises

Essential Oils in Pregnancy

Elements of a Birth Plan

Newborn Vaccines

Hep B

Vitamin K


Vaccination Schedules




Diapers of a Breastfed Baby

  • Newborn bowl movements of a breast

fed baby should be as follows.  Please be 

aware that this may vary.