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Our Story

What We Believe In

Bella Donna Midwifery seeks to provider access to full scope women's healthcare to the women of Eastern North Carolina. Based on comfort, safety, and serenity, we offer access to specialized care for women in a non-threatening environment. We focus education, self determination and autonomy. 

What We Strive For

Like a conventional OB/GYN, we provide the highest standard of care in all the basics such as prenatal care, labor and birth care, postpartum care, normal newborn care. Far surpassing the basics, we also provide birth suites or home birth, water birth, childbirth education classes, breast feeding instruction & classes, placenta encapsulation services, doulas, birth details class for Out of Hospital Births, and private birth planning sessions.

What our Midwives Believe

Midwives recognize the strength of women and the natural beauty of childbirth. But we also recognize the pregnant woman’s need for professional guidance and emotional support. 

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