Placenta Encapsulation

We now are offering placenta encapsulation due to high demand. This allows for an easy transition for both mother and family. Our skilled professionals utilize the proper handling, processing & clean up following encapsulation. Placenta consumption can be used to help with the postpartum transition by balancing your hormones, enhancing milk supply & increasing energy. 


Placenta Options:

* Placenta Capsules- each placenta usually yields approximately 100-150 capsules. We preform both the Traditional Chinese Method and the Raw Method. More information below!

*Tincture- processing time is several weeks, this allows for long term access to your placenta’s benefits.

*Salve - use on skin, breasts/nipples, diaper rash, dry skin, etc.

Encapsulation services are available at both office locations! 

placenta encapsulation tcm.jpg

Raw Method

The placenta is cleaned, and placed into the dehydrated according to recommended guidelines. This method tends to yield more capsules as it is a more direct method of using the placenta not changing the size or presentation. This is the most natural processing of the placenta.    

Chinese Method

Inspiried by Traditional Chinese Medicine, we steam the placenta with lemon and ginger prior to it being placed in the dehydrater. This process tends to yield less capsules but has a longer shelf life than the raw method. The capsules from this process tend to be slightly less potent than the raw capsules.