Birth Services


Choosing your birth place is one of the most important decisions you can make about your birth experience. We offer Home Birth services to families near both our Swansboro and Fayetteville North Carolina offices. For families looking for a Birth House option, our Swansboro location has the only birth house in Eastern NC. 

A visit to our office will make it easy to see the difference woman-centered care can make. At Bella Donna, we believe that pregnancy and birth are normal life events, therefore Michelle follows the Midwifery Model of Care which includes:

Monitoring the physical, psychological, and social well-being of the mother throughout the childbearing cycle; providing the mother with individualized education, counseling, and prenatal care, hands-on assistance during labor and delivery, and postpartum support; minimizing technological interventions; and identifying and referring women who require obstetrical attention.

We pride ourselves on providing professional care with a personal focus. We watching and assisting as needed or wanted based on your preference, we believe that women should be treated as healthy unless proven otherwise.

We love to empower women by educating them about every options and including them in decision making process. Also, we minimize risks in a normal pregnancy and labor by eliminating unnecessary intervention, which may increase risks.

We accept most insurance, and offer a wide variety of payment plans. Call today for your complimentary consultation – we’re eager for you to experience the difference of professional care with a personal focus!

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