Doula Services

Bella Donna Midwifery Doulas
Brittney Westbrook, Kathryn Coyne, Courtney Brusherd, Hadassah Wright, Kristin Stirn, and Christina Childers

What is a doula?

Doulas provide a unique set of skills and techniques in order to make mom and baby more physically, emotionally, and spiritually comfortable during labor. We believe that a woman should feel empowered and supported as she moves through this very important milestone.

Please allow us to help you sift through the chaos, and show you your choices in order to advocate for yourself and the type of birth you want to have. Whether that is a natural homebirth, an un-medicated hospital birth, a medicated hospital birth, a birth center birth, or a planned cesarean.

What are the types of doulas?

Labor Doula - Beginning with 3 in office prenatal visits, access to pregnancy & labor resources and being on call beginning at 36 weeks. As well as offering full emotional and physical support with comfort measures during labor for up to 12 hours. Complete with 1 postpartum visit in office, or in your home at your preference. 


Postpartum Doula - Includes 1 office visit prior to 36 weeks to discuss your individual needs and wants from you doula after the baby arrives. This form of doula services can vary from family to family.


Sibling Doula - Starts with 1-2 prenatal playdates to get comfortable with the doula, followed by the attendance of your birth to keep your children company with age appropriate books, music, and more. Followed by 1 postpartum visit, in home to aid in the adjustment period.

What are common misconceptions about doulas?

  • Doulas are not the same as a Midwife or OBGYN.

  • Doulas do not replace the position of the partner during the birth and labor.

  • Doulas are

  • there to support you and your choices, not to push their personal beliefs about birth onto you.

  • Doulas may not attend a planned unassisted birth or take the place of a professional medical provider during your labor, or birth.