The following products are offered through Bella Donna Midwifery that will further personalize your pregnancy and birthing experience! Be sure to speak with our Midwife, Michelle, about all the options available to you!


What are some of the things I can expect in my Birth Kit?

Perineal Bottle

Cord Clamp

Scrub Brush


Tub Hose & Hose Adapter

Pairs of Gloves


Alcohol Pads

Mesh Panties

Bulb Syringe

Personalized Footprint Keep Sake

Gauze Pads

Tape Measure


Cold Pack

Tub Liner

Suggested Items to Have Ready

Supplemental Items to Consider

Diapering Supplies and Wipes for Baby

Thermometer for Mom & Baby

Sports/Nursing Bra & Easy Access Clothes

Vitamin E Capsules & Vitamin C

Ibuprofen/Bella Donna After Birth Tincture

Camera and Preselected Music

*IMPORTANT* Must Have…

In case of emergency, have ‘Mom & Baby Go Bag’ packed and ready! Also, have car seat installed in the event of transport.

8-10 Receiving Blankets

10-12 Wash Cloths

2 One-Gallon Zip-Locks

1 Roll of Paper Towels

1 Bottle of Witch Hazel

1 Flashlight (with Batteries)

1 Set of Tongs

1 Waterproof Sheet          

3-4 Flannel Lined Plastic Table Clothes

6-8 Large Bath Towels

2 Large Garbage Bags

Roll of Toilet Paper

1 Bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide

Small Bottle of Olive Oil

4 Medium-Large Mixing Bowls

1 Crock-Pot

2 Sets of Bed Sheets

Sanitary Napkins/Menstrual Pads

Additional Products

**These products must be purchased before or at your 36 week prenatal appointment!**

Newborn Screen

Vitamin K

Options include Oral or Injection