Childbirth Education Classes

Join us for our two part educational series on everything you will need to prepare yourself for childbirth, in approximately 4 hours! We want to help you make informed decisions, and minimize your fears. We will cover everything from stages of labor, delivery, and your postpartum care with you. This is one you will not want to miss! Classes are open to everyone. I Includes a fun take home Gift! Pricing is $250.00 Per Couple.

Newborn Care Classes

Join us for this wonderful change to learn all the Do’s and Don’ts of caring for your Newborn! This is class is not just for New Parents, There are even things to learn for our Veteran Moms and Dads! From feeding, sleeping, bathing and more, you will learn all the Need to Know Tips and Tricks! Pricing is $50.00 Per Couple!

Lactation Classes

Open to all Mommies-to-be, preferably taken during the third trimester, but can also be taken postpartum. In this class, you will learn all the positions for feeding in order to make yourself and your baby as comfortable as possible. We will also go over all the most common issues with breastfeeding your new bundle of joy, as well as the best solutions. Feel free to bring along your significant other as well! Pricing is $75.00!

Comfort Measures

This event is not only open to our patients, but to our whole pregnant community! We will be sharing our best, tried and true techniques to make your natural birth as comfortable as possible! Bring along your significant other, or support person to learn the best ways to comfort you while you are performing this miracle! As always, Snacks and Refreshments are included. As well as a take home Labor Support Gift that you can use during your labor! Pricing is $75.00 per couple.

Homebirth Prep Class

We encourage all our patients to join us for our FREE Homebirth Prep Class during the third trimester. We go over all of the most important, and often forgotten tips for planning your perfect homebirth. As always, Snacks and Refreshments are included!

Bundle Your Classes! For just $400 you can take ALL five of our classes!